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Through its local network and long-term strategy, Proudreed is France’s leading private property company.
We see our clients as our main assets and are always open to their needs. This is what enables us to develop innovative, sustainable, and effective solutions for them – and with them – to keep building Proudreed’s unique business model.

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To foster team spirit, Proudreed clearly shares the Group’s strategy and outlook with everyone who works for us.
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Key stats for 2018

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// Financial resources

New financing

In 2018, Proudreed made €202m available in financing.

Optimised risk coverage rates

The group’s debt is mainly incurred at variable rates, and is 78% covered by financial instruments.

Debt distribution by financing

Proudreed is maintaining its strategy of diversifying its financial partners and types of financing.

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14:01    23 / 09
Notre stratégie business ? 1️⃣ Diversifier les typologies d'actifs (activité, bureaux, distribution urbaine, logistique et commerces) pour renforcer notre fiabilité. 🏗 2️⃣ Participer au développement économique des territoires grâce au développement de projets sur le long terme.
14:01    16 / 09
Les entreprises implantées au sein d’un même parc d'activité, apprennent à se connaître, voire, à travailler ensemble. 🤝 Décliner cette synergie sur l’ensemble du réseau @Proudreed, c'est ce que nous souhaitons dès aujourd'hui pour l'ensemble de nos clients. #immobilier #vision