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Proudreed is evolving and unveils its new brand identity: "Proudreed part of MCore".

This change aims to clarify Proudreed's belonging to the pan-European group MCore, while preserving the name by which customers and partners know the company.
Proudreed is the French entity of the MCore Group, a major real estate player founded in 1987 and managing a portfolio of assets valued at €6 billion, with more than 8,600 tenants spread across France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Romania and Spain. Integrating MCore into Proudreed’s identity facilitates its identification as a constituent entity of the Group.
The operation of Proudreed and its teams remains unchanged, and the quality of the solutions and services offered remains the Group's top priority.
If you have any questions regarding this evolution, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: communication@proudreed.

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About Proudreed

Through its local network and long-term strategy, Proudreed is France’s leading private property company.
We see our clients as our main assets and are always open to their needs. This is what enables us to develop innovative, sustainable, and effective solutions for them – and with them – to keep building Proudreed’s unique business model.

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To foster team spirit, Proudreed clearly shares the Group’s strategy and outlook with everyone who works for us.
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