Our Veellage Our Fleex

A multi-local network

The ability of Proudreed’s people to resolve local challenges are our strength.

“ The ability of Proudreed’s people to resolve local challenges are what makes our strength. Indeed, this desire to always move in sync with the regions in which we have a long-term presence are what sets us apart on the market today.”

Our proximity to both our assets and the market is a true USP, and one that manifests itself in different ways.

Firstly, in Proudreed’s philosophy, founded on a willingness to listen and a genuine ability to adapt our strategy and services to different regional contexts.
Secondly, through our national presence: in addition to our Parisian head office, the Group also has branches in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Poitiers, and Strasbourg
Lastly, through concrete regional initiatives that encourage sustainable growth: open dialogue and consultation with the full range of stakeholders, and the drive to reconcile efficiency, value creation, and respect for people and communities, as well as the environment and our national resources.

A monthly meeting at head office attended by all Asset Managers (Paris and regional)