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Be local, be bold

At Proudreed, we cultivate team spirit.

To foster team spirit, Proudreed clearly shares the Group’s strategy and outlook with everyone who works for us.

All of our head-office and regional staff attend quarterly meetings where they can get a clearer picture of Proudreed’s overall vision.

Operational staff from different branches maintain a close relationship through regular discussion, always striving for greater efficiency and responsiveness for both our assets and our clients. Through an established presence and regular contact, Proudreed builds a trusting, long-term relationship with its clients.
The integration of all of our departments (development, asset management, lease management, technical, property management, legal, etc.) provides us with a better understanding of the challenges we face, and optimised solutions.
We firmly believe that our success depends on the potential of our people, and Proudreed encourages meaningful responsibilities. The freedom and independence granted to our teams promote collaboration, innovation, and creativity.
Always caring about the well-being of our staff in the workplace, Proudreed provides a comfortable working environment and, in line with our commitment to mutual trust, a more flexible way to work.