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Our business model

4 services work in perfect harmony towards a long-term vision.

4 services work in perfect harmony towards our long-term vision: investment, management, development, and insourcing for optimum efficiency.


Ensuring a balanced portfolio across the five asset types (business, offices, urban retail, logistics, and shops), for long-term assets.

Insourcing for optimal efficiency

Quality customer relations are a priority. Proudreed, with its business model whose success is built on close relationships with its tenants, brought this relationship even closer on 1 January 2017 by bringing all property management roles in-house. We formed a dedicated property management team, a change which boosted our efficiency and added value.
In a similar vein, more than half of the 270,000m² were leased directly to existing customers, with the rest going through agents. In terms of construction, too, we prefer local partners (architects, engineers, companies, etc.).


By focusing on people and optimising the potential of every asset, helping to forge enduring relations with our clients, partners, and every other stakeholder in the Proudreed world.


Always seeking to pave the way for client and local authority projects, anticipating their needs.


The financial side of our first three hubs is playing an increasingly vital role in the property sector.