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Our philosophy

Through its local network and long-term strategy, Proudreed is France’s leading private property company.

An asset to property!

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Proudreed est la première foncière privée française grâce à son ancrage en région et son développement long terme. Considérer ses clients comme ses premiers actifs et rester à l’écoute permanente de leurs besoins permet d’élaborer pour eux – et avec eux – des solutions innovantes, durables et efficaces.

Go the extra mile, be responsive

Think outside the box, never say never, and bold, creative action: this mindset can be seen in our proposals – always bespoke – and solutions that always result from in-depth legal, technical, environmental, and financial research.
We provide agile proposals as part of a long-term vision.

Cultivating closer customer relations

By maintaining close relationships with local authorities and clients, facilitated through our eight regional branches, Proudreed plays an active role in developing the local economy.

Capitalising on talent

Ever since it was founded, Proudreed had placed its people at the heart of its strategy.
Our drive to insource many of our resources is a perfect illustration of this. Not being restricted to a single area of expertise, able to work in close collaboration with the company’s other teams, learning, discovering, expanding our interests...